Going Green

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Operating on the Zambezi brings its own challenges. At Tongabezi we desire less noise, less emissions and as little as possible upset to the local flora and fauna.

To achieve these goals we:


The very nature of a bush school lends itself to ticking many green choice boxes! The uniforms are recycled... and recycled and recycled again! The same principal is applied to all our books and educational supplies. All our students walk to school - no matter how far away they live.

Tujatane community school is very actively engaged in promoting environmentally friendly practices amongst students. The school has a gardening club for Grades two to seven and the younger classes visit the Tongabezi gardens to learn how to care for a basic garden.

Tujatane currently also has a Grade 4 teacher enrolled in an Environmental Science Degree (which he is completing in his spare time)


We order the bulk of our wood supplies from sustainable forests in the Copper belt near Ndola. We also have a Vivreau still and sparkling bottling system that is saving 20,000 plastic water bottles a year and around 2,000 tin cans.


The Tongabezi garden is a veritable feast of organically fed and organically protected vegetables. Picked fresh early in the morning and prepared by our chefs for your dining delight.


We continue to reinvest in our local expertise by bringing in world specialists to pass on skills. Our Sindabezi builder is Israeli by origin but has worked everywhere in the world including Papua New Guinea where he lived with the local people. He has returned to oversee the two year Tongabezi upgrade and continue to work with and teach his trade to our team.


Three new aluminium boats made by Legay marine in Port Elizabeth have been delivered. They are similar to the old banana boats, but more spacious and more stable due to their shallower draft.
One of the boats will run between the Jetty and Livingstone Island (40hp).
One will operate between Sindabezi Island and Tongabezi (30hp 4 stroke Mercury engine) the third is used by Tangala house.


Willow & Associates are top water treatment consultants and have designed and has custom made our purification plant. The recycled water is used for irrigation and to feed the Tongabezi wildlife dam.


Sindabezi is powered by solar energy with paraffin lamp supplements. The waste water system pump is also solar powered. The entire Sindabezi has no grid dependency as even cooking is done with gas. All our soap shampoo and cleaning products for the rooms and kitchen are biodegradable)

The Future

Sindabezi Tujatane School & Village will all be receiving increasing use of solar power and an extensive composting project to recycle part of the kitchen waste is also under way.


Doing Good

Learn more about how Tongabezi is making a difference: