The Mukuni Community

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From the president to doctors, engineers and entry level company clerks the people who build a nation do so because of their education. Teaching is vital for everything and teachers build the future not only by imparting knowledge but also because they teach habits and morals and help students to discover their unique skills. It is therefore key to have the best teachers possible and Tongabezi is committed to bringing better qualified teachers to our communities through the provision of quality housing.

We have a reputation of putting our money where our mouth is, a superb standing in the teaching community through Tujatane the Tongabezi Trust School and now we are extending the reach of our involvement through donating 10% of proceeds from Livingstone Island to build houses for Mukuni village teachers. It is a basic fact that better housing attracts higher qualified teachers and the three bedroom houses that we build are considered excellent teacher accommodation and having the desired effect of making the schools in this area more attractive to teachers.

The first house was handed over to Mukuni high school during December of 2010 and the second house was gifted to the Mukuni Primary school. Now we have handed over the keys to the third house in the Ng'andu area which lies 10 km from Mukuni on 20 September 2012. In the future we would like to build 2 houses a year and once enough teachers' accommodation has been completed the project will move onto designing and building classrooms.

Everything starts with a teacher... so Tongabezi is starting with the teacher in order to guarantee that the future will hold better parents, great businessmen, wise politicians, eco-friendly engineers, more inspirational teachers and ultimately a kinder world.

"The great teachers fill you up with hope and shower you
with a thousand reasons to embrace all aspects of life. "
- Pat Conroy

Doing Good

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