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Tongabezi Dining

Why Tongabezi

"Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken."
- Frank Herbert

Travel has come full circle. Starting off as a quest for the survival of historic man, it has evolved into an idle way to broaden horizons and pass the time. Now, in the 21st Century man is turning back to travel as a means for enduring the onslaught and demands of modern life.

Tongabezi has kept up with the trend. Since our inception we have understood that a journey can act like truth serum. For a finite space in time the traveller is buffered against what is taken for granted and is able to experience enlightenment, beauty and Technicolor dreams.

Go ahead and expect the delightfully unexpected from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. A stunning sunrise, a playful baby rhino, a bubble bath awaiting your return courtesy of your valet...

Nothing is too much...

The true aesthetic of every Tongabezi space is the underlying philosophy that nothing is too much. Private dining in a never-ending choice of venues, from a quirky picnic on an authentic dhow to an indulgent lazy breakfast in your king size bed or your very own Sampan floating on the Zambezi river, illuminated by the Milky Way and paraffin lamps - with every course delivered by canoe.

Tongabezi is so closely knitted with the local community that it is impossible to visit here without understanding the positive impact your presence has on this corner of Africa. You will be touched by the genuine joy and strength of the Zambian people... from the Tujatane children to our staff spearheading community projects.

Tongabezi Gallery